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My name is Rodrigo Monteiro, and I’m a game designer and programmer from southern Brazil (currently living in London, United Kingdom). I have been making games since 1997 (I was eleven at the time) in a tool called “Klik & Play”. A few years later, I have started messing with the C programming language, then with C++, PHP, Lua, Java… and more recently with Haskell. Through those years, I have released several freeware games: Vessel Attack Online (2000, Click and Create), Hexagem (2001, Click and Create), Lord of the Stars (2005, C++), Bunkermaster (2005, C++), Fury of the Sky God (2007, C++), All Yar Base Arr Belong To Us (2008, C++), Xtreme Programming (2009, C++), Planetary Plan C (2011, C++11), Down Goes the Phoenix (2011, C++11), Trapped! In the Chambers of Eternal Darkness (2012, C++11), Stoneheart: The Beauty in the Beast (2013, C++11). Most of those were entries to quick game development events (48 or 72 hours). (See my portfolio for the complete list and details).

In 2005, I started the development of the “Aegisub” subtitling software together with Niels Martin Hansen. Today, Aegisub became the de facto standard for anime fansubbing, being used by most groups. In 2008, I started working for a professional game development company, writing games in Java. In 2012, I moved to London, United Kingdom, to be part of the awesome folks of Bossa Studios Inc., and working on games such as Merlin: The Game (based on the BBC TV show).

This blog was started as a way to share the knowledge I’ve acquired over those years and try to aid those who want to make video games. It is also intended to explore the almost uncharted waters of functional game programming. The name “Higher-Order Fun” is a pun on “Higher-Order Function”, a very important concept in functional programming.

Besides game development, I also have an interest in a range of highly nerdy subjects, including philosophy (in particular regarding philosophy of the mind and religion), robotics, and, of course, actually playing videogames. I’m also a big fan of stage musicals.


You can reach me on my e-mail address. It’s on gmail, and the login is “archmagezeratul”. Alternatively, use the Contact page.

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  1. Fernando

     /  2011-02-03


    sou programador de floripa também, tenho me aventurado no mundo dos games. Tem msn?

  2. Fala caratudo bom acabei parando aqui vindo do site da miniboss, meu nome é André Heringer sou um aprendiz de programador tenho 16 anos, programo pra Web já tem um tempo (fiz pequenos trabalhos: temas pra wordpress, inclusive o do site que esta na minha descrição, uns sites pequenos de carpinteiros amigos do meu pai essas coisas de noob). E eu queria saber como funciona a criação de um game. É parecido com a construção de um site? Por exemplo… na Web vc tem linguagens que geram a interface (HTML/CSS) e linguagens que geram as funções (PHP/Javascript) e linguagens que trabalham com o banco de dados (SQL) . Pra produzir um game se usa multiplas linguagens? Linguagens que vc usa…Ruby? To desenvolvendo um RPG no RPGMaker na garagem aqui de casa (literalmente hahaha). Se que linguagem você acha mais legal de trabalhar? Enfim… é isso se vocês quiser dá uma ajuda respondendo um fãn.
    Eu agradeço a atenção.
    Abraços continue o bom trabalho

  3. hello i was looking in the internet then found your article, -i didnt read it all but ive found it interesting and i will take time to read it all-( thank’s (: )
    im a young man 24 years old im kinda 2d artist if its not too much title for me i know im still working my skills and thats how artists must be …also im facsinated by games and games univers im a big kid :D.
    ive contacted you cause i think you may provides me helpful tips and informations , someone like your status must have so much things to teach -respect-…. well ; the point is , ive maded a little 2d game ; in fact its only on pappers ive tought about every thing and all details …maded all sketches :charaters ,powers, bosses, items, skills, levels,…..
    what im missing is the programing part :( .
    i have to tell you that i came from a country with no gaming history-Morocco- and finding somehelpful has been a difficult task -im studiying and working time is restricted-. the idea was the create a small team and start with this project and maybe later a the first game making studio -independent games of course- , …. this was too much challenge for me so i decided to work it my self , i know i will takes me like 3 or 4 years to understand and do everything my self :( .
    anyway help is much appreciated and any tip i get from you is a helpful one .
    hoop you’ll answer me soon
    nb: (we speak arabic and frecnh , fogive my english mistakes ^^ )

  4. Obrigado pelo excelente projeto do Aegisub. xD

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