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SPJam 2011 – Down Goes the Phoenix

Last weekend, I was in São Paulo with my friends at Studio Miniboss to join the first edition of SPJam. The event was lots of fun and a success, with almost a hundred entrants and over 20 digital or board games. Our entry, made in the 48 hours of the event, is “Down Goes the Phoenix”:

It’s a horizontal scrolling shoot ’em up on which you play with a Phoenix. As the game progresses, your phoenix grows older as the bar on the bottom fills. Shooting or getting hit lowers the bar. When the bar is full, you’re a mature phoenix and you can reincarnate – doing so resets your power-ups, but increases your score multiplier and kills all enemies, as well as removing the fog that slowly descends upon the screen, obstructing your view. As an arcade game, the objective is to obtain a high score, and knowing the right time to reincarnate is a critical point.

The game is written in C++11 in my own engine. I was the programmer and Amora, Santo, bitmOO and Marina Val were the visual artists. The music was composed by Rafa Miranda, and we had some game design help in the first day from Iko. Thanks to everyone involved!

The SPJam version of the game can be downloaded here: http://higherorderfun.com/stuff/DownGoesThePhoenix.zip (Win32 binary). This is the exact version made in those 48 hours, save for minor bug fixes.

Global Game Jam 2011 – Planetary Plan C

Last weekend, the Global Game Jam 2011 was held all over the world, attracting some 6500 people into a challenge to develop a game with the theme of “extinction” in a mere 48 hours.

I was joined by six incredibly talented people (and a few other friends who were supporting us) to make Planetary Plan C, our entry for the event. I was the only programmer, there was one musician, and, for the other five, each took on a mix of the roles of illustration, animation, design, concept art, and story.

Planetary Plan C

For our efforts, we were rewarded with the title of being one of the 10 winners of the GGJ11 according to Gamesauce. It was an incredibly rewarding event, and I highly recommend every aspiring game developer to join such competitions at least once.

The game was written using C++ on an engine that was custom-written by myself, based on SDL and OpenGL. All of the art, music and code (except for the engine) was produced during those 48 hours.

The team:

Pedro, Amora, Irene and Rafa from Studio Miniboss;
Karen from Vortex Studios;
Henrique from Sulistas;
and myself.

A huge “thank you” to everyone involved!

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