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Hello, my name is Rodrigo Monteiro, and this is my shining, brand-new blog. I have been a hobbist game designer and programmer for over a decade now, and have recently moved into the realm of professional game development. I am also creator of the “Aegisub” subtitling program, which is the de facto standard for anime subtitling, used by the vast majority of fansubbing groups worldwide. I intend to write thoughts and tutorials on game design, programming, and my recent musings with the development of games on functional languages (e.g. Haskell).

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  1. Richard Cabangon

     /  2013-09-25

    Hi Rodrigo,
    I was actually planning on telling my story on how I decided to take game development as a hobby, buutt it would really be boring and self-gratifying. Long story short and why I’m commenting here right now, it’s because I find you and your blog very inspiring and useful. I don’t know why you stopped updating your blog but I do hope that you resume again with it if given the time. Thank you very much.

    Thanks and Regards,

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